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Your Income

Various assumptions apply
The primary assumptions are that you are a FTE and that standard tax rates for 2023/24 apply to you.
£per year (pre-tax)
£per year (pre-tax)
Income from Bonuses, Commission, Overtime, Capital Gains, Investments, etc.
Your Contributions
Employer's Contributions
Try adjusting your contributions to see how it affects everything.
State Pension Age
68 (Everyone aged 44 and under)
To get an accurate state pension age, use the calculator
Outstanding Student Loan

Your taxes (2023/24)

Please note
This tool makes various assumptions that will make sense for most people, but not absolutely everyone. It is an estimation of the taxes and take-home you will get.
Gross Income£40,000£3,333£769
Pension Contributions£400 Saved!£2,000£167£38
Employer Pension ContributionsPot Increased£2,000£167£38
Taxable Income£38,000£3,167£731
Personal allowance£12,570--
National Insurance£3,050£254£59
Income Tax£5,086£424£98
Take Home Pay£29,864£2,489£574
Added to Pension£4,000£333£77
HMRC Tax rates and rules last updated 10/04/2023

Your Monthly Expenses

Essential outgoings

Things you have to pay for

Non-essential outgoings

Things you choose to pay for

Your Monthly Outgoings

Your Plan

The earliest you can retire with your workplace pension is usually 55. You won't get your state pension until your mid or late 60s, depending on your current age. Tip: try playing around with your target retirement age to see how things change.
The total balance of all your existing pension pots.
The total balance of any existing ISA Savings accounts (GIAs are not currently supported)

Projected Pension

Wealth & Financial Independence More Info

Financial independence means having enough saved that your expenses will be covered for the rest of your life.

Projected Wealth

  • FI Target = Annual outgoings (£21,312) * Years needed for 4.00% SWR (25.00) = £532,800
  • Invested annual pension = £4,000
  • Invested annual surplus = £3,224
  • Inflation of 2.5% / year after 2024 NEW FOR 2022 - 2025Special adjustments apply to 2022-2024
  • Assumes New State Pension, payments increasing with inflation (2.5% / year)
  • Assumes student loans last 30 years max
  • Assumes a flex-drawdown pension for illustration purposes
  • Assumes you draw down pension up to the higher rate bracket (£50,270), then draw down your S&S ISA
  • Pension lump sums are not included