Introducing Saving Tool Advanced

12th Feb 2024
7 minute read
Saving Tool Advanced is a new tool that builds on the foundations of Saving Tool UK. It delivers substantially improved detail and deeper insights thanks to a redesigned input and simulation system, making it the UK’s most comprehensive personal finance tool.

2024 National Insurance Tax Cut

8th Jan 2024
3 minute read
The main rate of national insurance has been reduced by 2% from 6th Jan 2024, with 27 million UK taxpayers set to benefit.

Putting your money to work in 2023: Which investments make the most sense for UK investors?

12th Feb 2023
5 minute read
Whether you're looking to achieve a specific goal, secure your financial future, or simply put your idle funds to use, investing funds over keeping them in a low or zero interest cash account is likely to be a rewarding choice.

Why a Stocks and Shares ISA Should Be Part of Your Investment Portfolio

27th Jan 2023
2 minute read
Are you tired of watching your savings collect dust in a traditional savings account? It's time to consider a stocks and shares ISA as a way to potentially grow your wealth over time.

Pension Planning 101: The Importance of Starting Early and Maximizing Contributions

22nd Jan 2023
3 minute read
Paying into a defined contribution pension plan earlier in life can reap significant rewards in the long term, and on, you can test out your own scenarios to see how much you could benefit.